Add Al Qaeda To Those Feeling Duped By Obama

Lefties, righties, middle class and now terrorists

Apparently, President Obama just can't be trusted. 

The left is disappointed because he's still endorsing some aspects of Bush national security policies.  Middle-class voters are thinking he's about to double-cross them on tax hikes.  And now, even Al Qaeda -- who as many people know, recruited Obama fresh from his mother's womb after his birth in Kenya and immediately inculcated him into its radical Islamist ways -- is criticizing him. 

The terrorist organization's No. 2,  Ayman al-Zawahri popped up Monday:

Al-Zawahri criticized Obama's effort to ease tensions with Muslims aggravated by predecessor George W. Bush, who waged wars in Afghanistan and Iraq in 2001 and 2003.

"He is like a wolf whose fangs are ripping through your (Muslims) flesh and his claws grabbing your face and both are dripping with your blood, then he says stop your defense because he wants peace with you."

"Obama is trying to sell illusions to the ... weak," al-Zawahri said of Obama's drive. "He is trying to say do not hate us .... but we will continue to kill you." 

 The disappointment in al-Zawahri is clearly palpable.  He feels personally betrayed by Obama adopting attitudes that are seemingly in America's best interests -- not al Qaeda's!  Obama, it seems, is proving to be a classic dishonest politician -- "one who doesn't stay bought" (or, in this case, programmed). 

After all the work al Qaeda put into creating a Manchurian-like candidate who would infiltrate the U.S. political system, this is the thanks they get? Not only hasn't Obama completely pulled out of Iraq -- as he promised -- he's actually increased the number of troops in Afghanistan! Yes, he said he was going to do that while campaigning -- but why should al Qaeda think that their "brother" in the White House would actually stay true to his word?

Of course, there is disappointment related to this development stateside as well.  Darn it, even with a new president, the terrorists still hate us!  With George W. Bush out of the White House, it was supposed to be a brand new day!  Instead, al Qaeda is promising to "continue to [try to] kill you."

Apparently, al-Zawahri refuses to accept that Barack Obama is change that al Qaeda can believe in.  He's just figured out that he's got another American president who refuses to get out of the Middle East and related areas.  Looks like another vote lost in 2010.

New York writer Robert A. George blogs at Ragged Thots. Follow him on Twitter. 

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