Obama to Unleash Young Adults in Health Care Fight

Good thing the kids like President Obama – they’ll be paying for a big share of his health care plan.

Each bill winding through Congress would require Americans to buy health insurance, something that at least 10 million Americans under 30 do not currently pay for each month, The Washington Post reports. Experts say more healthy young people enrolling would help defray the cost of covering their parents.

Winning young people's support may not prove to be such a problem. A little more than half of people under 30 support the idea of everyone being required to buy insurance, a percentage that lines up with other age groups, according to the Post. But what the Democrats have especially in their favor is that close to two-thirds of the under-30 set support President Obama and his party’s health care efforts, a much higher backing than older folks give Democrats.

On Thursday, Obama will seek to rally this base at the University of Maryland at College Park.

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