Publix Shooting Location Reopens As Memorial Outside Grows

As the memorial continues to grow outside Public in Royal Palm Beach, shoppers returned to the store which reopened Saturday

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The Publix that was the scene of of a triple homicide that killed a child and his grandmother before the gunman took his own life has reopened Saturday, as the memorial outside the supermarket continues to grow.

Shoppers who rushed outside to safety were also able to pick up their belongings on Saturday morning.

People who frequent that specific Publix were very moved to see violence in their own backyard.

“To know that we had somebody in our neighborhood who was just basically stalking people to kill in a supermarket that I shop at with my son, it’s hard,” said shopper Liz Marley. “It’s hard.”

Marley and other parents are filled with questions about why the accused shooter, 55- year-old Timothy Wall, shot and killed a grandmother and her grandson before turning the gun on himself. 

“You just think back, was he here when I was here?” Marley said. “How many times was he here? Could that have been me walking in with my son on my hip? Could that have been me he was stalking?”

“I feel very sad about this cause I have grandkids that I bring to the store,” said shopper Shirley Mallard. 

Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw didn’t hold back at a press conference Friday, saying the shooting could have been prevented

“There was a chance this could be stopped,” Bradshaw said. “You know why? The reason is he’s on Facebook. He has said ‘I want to kill people and children.’ He’s got friends. Obviously, they saw that.”

“Somebody needs to get involved,” he said. “People need to get involved, and we need to wake up to this problem.”

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