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Birdman Mania Sweeps Aventura Mall

Fans' cheers and screams accompanied the Heat player's appearance at Champs Sports



    Chris Andersen, known as Birdman, signed autographs at Champs Sports Tuesday night – and the crowd at the Aventura Mall went wild. (Published Wednesday, June 26, 2013)

    An autograph-signing appearance by Chris “Birdman” Andersen made flocks of Miami Heat fans go wild Tuesday night.

    Cheers, screams and chants of “Let’s go Heat!” accompanied the colorful Heat player’s appearance at Champs Sports.

    “Birdman, baby, Birdman, in the house, baby!” said one thrilled fan.

    The response was “crazy, crazy, crazy,” Heat fan Johnathan Melendez said.

    “Everybody loves him, everybody loves him,” he said of Andersen. “He needs to stay, no matter what.”

    Andersen, who celebrated the Heat’s championship with his teammates in the parade on Monday, is a free agent this summer and could leave the team. But support like he received Tuesday night might help keep him from flying the coop.

    Even the young fans came out, sporting the trademark Birdman Mohawk and tattoos.

    “Birdman is very active in the paint, he can rebound, he is a very non-selfish player, and he is very helpful to the Heat,” one youngster said.

    “I like his little bird dance, and I like his Mohawk and his tattoos,” said another.

    Lazaro “Baby Birdman” Pereira also appeared at the mall – and got plenty of attention of his own.

    “It's crazy out here, it’s too many people out here. We’re getting mobbed. Everybody wants to see Baby Birdman,” his father Ernesto Pereira said.

    But it was the big Birdman they came for. Some fans waited in line for seven hours.

    Lena Gomez said getting his autograph was “awesome” and “indescribable.”

    “It was amazing, he's such a nice guy, cool. He's perfect for Miami,” Melendez said. “I hope he stays next year too.”

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