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Check Please! D-Wade Settles Restaurant Lawsuit

Dwyane Wade and his ex-partners announce settlement during the middle of trial



    The trial pitting Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade against two former business partners who wanted $25 million after a restaurant deal went sour has come to a quick end, with the sides announcing a confidential settlement.

    Court was delayed for unexplained reasons for nearly three hours Tuesday. All parties, including Wade, walked into the courtroom at 2:02 p.m., and the settlement was announced eight minutes later.

    Judge Peter Adrien also said the sides worked out deals on other cases, which could include another trial that was scheduled in Miami brought by some of the ex-restaurant partners alleging Wade walked away from an agreement to license his name to for charter schools, and an antitrust suit over potential sales of memorabilia.

    "It's a win-win situation for both sides," Adrien told the jury. "At this time, your service is completed."

    With the lawsuit out of the way, Wade can now focus on more important things to Heat fans like wooing LeBron James or other free agent super stars to come play for the Heat and cutting a music video with Banana Man. Oh, and there is that pesky, maniacal divorce thing.

    Wade, the Heat's soon-to-be free agent, took the stand last week and claimed it was his partners who reneged on their part of the bargain.

    Wade was seeking damages in the restaurant case as well, saying his name and likeness were used in ways he did not approve, which would have violated the original agreement between the sides.

    Wade said he was happy with the deal outside the courtroom.

    "I'm very pleased," the Heat star said. "I'm very pleased. Of course I can't say terms, but I'm smiling, and you know if I smile, it's a good thing."

    After the settlement agreement was read in court, Wade played nice with the jurors who could have cost him a boat load, posing for pictures and signing autographs. Even the judge hopped in for a team photo.

    So much for an impartial jury.

    Now, about that free agent thing...