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Dansby: Parcells Said I'm "A Hell of A Player"

He's adorable! Look at that face! Let's get him!



    Dansby: Parcells Said I'm "A Hell of A Player"
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    GLENDALE, AZ - JANUARY 10: Linebacker Karlos Dansby #58 of the Arizona Cardinals walks off the field after defeating the Green Bay Packers 51-45 in the 2010 NFC wild-card playoff game at University of Phoenix Stadium on January 10, 2010 in Glendale, Arizona. (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Karlos Dansby

    With all the hoopla about this free agent receiver and that free agent receiver, the quest for an available linebacker has fallen somewhat under the rader in Dolphins Country (it's emerging third-world, ruled by The Memory of Dan Marino, and survives on a gross domestic product of middle fingers aimed at New York).

    Problem is, the Dolphins' linebacker situation is darn near a tragedy. Were it captured by satellite, you'd see a giant, oozing morass occasionally spitting out hairballs.

    Enter Karlos Dansby, possible savior of Miami. The Arizona Cardinal is about to be the best available free agent linebacker on the market, and he's pegged Miami as one of the places he'll go. As he said on WQAM this week:

    It would be huge....to come down there to Miami to a program that’s building up and becoming a contender in the tough eastern conference in the AFC. I like their attitude. I like how they approach the game...Parcells, man, hit your boy Karlos Dansby up, man. I’m ready, man. I think I’m a proven player. I think I can bring a lot to the table. I’m definitely what you need.

    Well, we'd love for Bill Parcells to love to have you, Karlos with a K. Though the Dolphins aren't entirely bereft of talent at linebacker, Dansby could be the playmaker the unit didn't have this year. Against the Packers in the playoffs, Ronnie Brown's old teammate tipped an Aaron Rodgers pass for an interception, forced a fumble on the next drive, and scored the game-winning fumble recovery for a touchdown.

    Drooling yet? 

    Dansby is 28, which means he is what he is already. But that's a nice middle ground between aging vets and projects, whether the project is Cameron Wake or a draftee who needs time to adjust to the game. Nabbing Dansby would allow the Dolphins more choice in the draft, too: shore up the spot with someone like Rolando McClain, or look for first-round talent at another position of need.

    And he already has the seal of approval:  

    Parcells told me one time when we were playing Dallas in Dallas – and they beat us bad, beat us real bad – and leaving that field, Parcells told me, he was like, 'Dansby, you’re a hell of a player.' And that kind of stuck with me ever since that day. That was my second season in and for Parcells to tell a young player something like that – that’s going to stick.'

    GYEAH! Look, we know it's too early for this, and silly to get too excited because if this doesn't happen it's not something that should upset Dolphins fans. But it's a good fit and a tidy solution, and, well, that'd be nice.