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De-Pants! Miami Lingerie Football Team Folds

The Miami Caliente gets contracted after two seasons



    Lingerie Football Fight

    The Miami Caliente took on the Tampa Breeze last season, and they weren't going down without a fight. (Published Tuesday, April 26, 2011)

    Women in panties fighting over a ball would seem like a recipe for success, but leave it to Miami sports fans to screw it up.

    The Miami Caliente, the local Lingerie Football League franchise, has folded because of lack of fan support.

    According to the Miami Caliente official Twitter page, the team is merely "taking a break" and may return next season.

    "[The Miami] market was also shut down for the 2011 season due to a lack of the rights arena, the arena in downtown Miami does have the necessary length for LFL Football," LFL founder Mitchell S. Mortaza said Tuesday.

    Real Women Play Football in Underwear

    [MI] Real Women Play Football in Underwear
    The Miami Caliente wants to bring a title - and sexy - back to the Magic City
    (Published Wednesday, March 2, 2011)

    The Caliente's official website on the Lingerie Football League host page no longer exists and next season's football schedule shows no trace of the Caliente, which turned out to be no more than a solar flare after fizzling out in just two seasons.

    Apparently, sports fans prefer their half-naked hotties swinging around a pole instead of scoring touchdowns.

    While they were around, the women of the Caliente provided some titilating moments on the field and showed quite a bit of fight, literally.

    The team got into a brawl with the Tampa Bay franchise during a game last season, possibly as a last-ditch effort to drum up some attention for the team.

    But not even a lingerie catfight was enough to entice Miamians to shell out a few bucks to support the team.