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Details Emerge About Marshall-Davis Spat

Marshall threw a football at Davis' face after criticizing his lack of professionalism, according to report



    Details Emerge About Marshall-Davis Spat
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    The Miami Dolphins managed to win their first game of the season on Sunday without the help of starting cornerback Vontae Davis.

    Davis did not make the trip to Kansas City this weekend after allegedly getting into an altercation with teammate Brandon Marshall last week.

    According to, the spat started when Davis and a few other Dolphins were out late the night before an important practice, and Marshall called out Davis on it.

    When Davis showed up to practice, Marshall "began berating the cornerback for acting unprofessional," then allegedly threw a football at Davis' face at very close range. Davis went after Marshall afterward, but was restrained by teammates.

    A source told that Davis was "about to rip (Marshall's) head off," believing one of Marshall's comments "crossed the line."

    But the confrontation between Marshall and Davis is not the reason for Davis' suspension. A team source told, "The altercation is 100 percent not the reason." Another source said cryptically, "Vontae knows exactly why (he was left behind)."

    One source did acknowledge that this was not the first time Davis showed up late, saying he had been tardy for treatment and "other important mandatory team events." That could explain why Davis was left at home Sunday and Marshall was not.

    Davis is one the best players on Miami's defense, but it looks like he could be in the doghouse past this week unless the coaching staff thinks he's served his penance.

    Even when they win a game, Miami cannot seem to avoid drama.