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Dolphin Fans Lash Out At Players On Twitter

Fins Defensive Debacle Sends Angry Fans To Twitter



    Fans Take to Twitter to Bash Dolphins

    Dolphins fans were angry after Monday's loss to the Patriots and let some of the players know it on Twitter. (Published Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2011)

    A disappointing Dolphins loss is nothing new -- especially at home -- but thanks to social networking, there's a new avenue for fans to vent their frustration, and after the 38-24 loss to New England, they're targeting individual players.

    The Dolphins defense made Tom Brady look like he was playing a Madden video game. Brady passed for a Monday Night Football record 517 yards and 4 touchdowns. After the game, the players faced the music, taking questions from the media. But that was nothing.

    When they logged in on Twitter, a number of defensive players got bombarded by angry fans.

    Some cursed, telling the players they "suck," calling them "losers."

    One fan even gave out Dolphins cornerback Nolan Carroll's twitter handle and wrote, "Attack!"

    A tweet directed at cornerback Vontae Davis said, "You seriously got burnt on almost every play thrown your way! Something needs to change man! Stop celebrating and WORK HARDER."

    Another tweet sent to cornerback Sean Smith said, "I HATE how cocky you and @VontaeDavis21 are. Cause then you go out there and get shredded for 500+ yards!"

    Smith was so taken aback by all the haters, he sent out a tweet of his own. "Ya'll comin at me like I gave up all 500yds??? I can only remember 1 catch...Check the stats again people."

    Smith even responded to his individual critics. "Sorry you feel that way," he told a guy named Robert from Miami.

    Pro athletes are used to getting criticized, but they're human too. Maybe that's why Tony Sparano sent this message to his team the day after the rough loss.

    "There's no room for long faces right now," Sparano said. "Long faces will get you at 0-2. We need to be able to put that stuff behind us."

    The social media anger was so rampant, later in the day fans started sticking up for the Dolphins defensive players. One told the them to "keep their phins up." Another guy even apologized for his harsh remarks.