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Dolphins' Full-Page Congrats Ad Misspells "Dwayne" Wade

To be fair, "Dwyane" is pretty tricky



    Dolphins' Full-Page Congrats Ad Misspells "Dwayne" Wade

    One of the less immediate questions asked during Heat Week (or LeBrocalypse, or LeBronathon, or The Day We Wished Mickey Arison Also Ran the Marlins) was what the massive amounts of attention now given the Heat will mean for our football franchise.

    The word out of the Dolphins camp was particularly Parcellsian and sage: "High tide raises all boats."

    The problem with high tide, though, is that it can wash out copy editors. The Fins took out full-page ads in the Herald and Sun-Sentinel today to thank Dwyane Wade for staying and congratulate the Heat "on a huge week," but the Sun-Sentinel version spelled Wade's name wrong.

    That's right: "Dwayne" Wade. And he's been here seven years.

    Fortunately, it's the thought that counts. And while that thought was probably entirely classy and generous, it's also amusing to imagine it otherwise: taking out an ad to remind people big brother exists while surreptitiously pointing out you don't have to know how to spell "Dwyane Wade" would also be quite Parcellsian.

    (The dolphin, you'll note, looks none too pleased.)

    But maybe we just really enjoyed "Mean Girls," and it just might be the paper's fault anyway -- Wade's name was spelled correctly in the Miami Herald.