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Dolphins Cut Allen, Sign Aged Al Harris

Jason Allen is out, Al Harris is in



    Dolphins Cut Allen, Sign Aged Al Harris
    Miami Dolphins cornerback Jason Allen (32) celebrates his interception during the Minnesota Vikings and Miami Dolphins NFL football game Sunday, September 19, 2010 in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Andy Blenkush)

    The Miami Dolphins further signaled they were in panic mode Wednesday when they released starting cornerback Jason Allen.

    The former first round draft pick was being cooked like a Thanksgiving turkey week in and week out recently after having a couple of decent games in the first two weeks.

    And who do the Dolphins choose to replace Allen in the secondary? A very old Al Harris, who was cut by the Green Bay Packers earlier this week. Harris, 35, is coming off major knee surgery.

    The move comes as the Dolphins benched quarterback Chad Henne for Chad Pennington, which sent shock waves through the fan base and likely the locker room.

    Waiving Allen wasn't all the dramatic because he couldn't cover a shivering baby with a blanket.

    What's troubling about his dismissal is at the very least, Allen could have contributed on a porous special teams unit, where he stood out the past three seasons.

    Sean Smith will likely take Allen's spot opposite Vontae Davis this Sunday against the Tennessee Titans.

    About the only person that seems safe on the roster is field goal kicker Dan Carpenter, but even he missed a field goal last week.