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Heat Dancers Begin Quest for 5th Straight Title

Our Miami girls have never lost a single matchup in the competition's five-year history.



    Heat Dancers Begin Quest for 5th Straight Title

    Has Pat Riley trademarked "Five-Peat?" Perhaps he should.

    Your very own Heat Dancers are set on taking their fifth straight "Most Popular Dance Team in the NBA" title, and just received their first bracket matchup: the Nets dancers.

    Ha! Not even a question, though our lil' rump shakers still stopped by to request your vote over at NBA.com to prove it.

    The Dancers' stranglehold on the contest is truly impressive, at least until you consider that other NBA teams are drawing from local talent in areas like Cleveland, Denver, and Washington -- and then you realize it'd pretty much be the end of the world as we know it if anyone but Miami girls took the title.

    But no team ever has. The Heat Dancers haven't lost a single bracket matchup in the history of the competition. And you there, in your cubicle? Don't let the pretty ladies down.

    To ensure a knockout, the Heat Dancers put together a ringside-themed photoshoot, "Back for a Fight." Can't say we recall Muhammad Ali backed up against a chain-link fence, or fighting in teeny bottoms like that, but hey, at least they have heads.