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Dynamic Duo? Marshall Wants Randy Moss

Brandon Marshall said he would be excited to play with Randy Moss



    Dynamic Duo? Marshall Wants Randy Moss

    Usually divas don't like to share the spotlight. Just ask Destiny's Child.

    But football is football and touchdowns are touchdowns.

    The Miami Dolphins' resident diva, wide receiver Brandon Marshall said Tuesday he doesn't mind sharing his footballs with recently unemployed fellow diva Randy Moss.

    “Yeah, I want to go get him,” Marshall said during a radio interview. “Let’s get him. Let’s go get him.”

    Of course, Marshall isn't the general manager yet so his endorsement of a Moss acquisition isn't necessarily a lock for a roster move, but there is something to be said for the largest ego in the room being willing to shrink his head size a bit to make room for another monster ego.

    It happened in Cincinnati with T.O. and Ochocinco, but then again, the Bengals are 2-5 and lost to the Dolphins last week.

    Moss was placed on waivers by the Minnesota Vikings, meaning 17 teams will have a shot at the sure-fire Hall of Famer before the Dolphins can put in a claim.

    It's a virtual long shot that Marshall and Moss will play together this season, unless on someone's fantasy football team, but there is no guarantee the Dolphins brain trust would even consider the move if the opportunity presented itself.

    The Dolphins already have a No. 1 receiver and a bunch of other complimentary weapons. But the team's troubles in the red zone are well documented and Moss has the potential to help in that area.

    We say potential because you never know if Moss wants to help. He didn't want to in New England before they traded him and he was less than helpful in Minnesota before they dumped him.

    But if the Dolphins did make a move for a troublesome 33-year-old Moss, what would it say about their decision to pass on Antonio Bryant in the draft?

    Let the guessing game continue.