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ESPN Gets 3-Dimensional With LeBron Tonight

Knicks-Heat showcased in ESPN's first 3D telecast tonight



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    BERLIN - SEPTEMBER 02: Visitos view a 3D television through 3D glasses at the Philips stand at the 2010 IFA technology and consumer electronics trade fair at Messe Berlin on September 2, 2010 in Berlin, Germany. The 2010 IFA will be open to the public from September 3-8. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

    It's bad enough that the New York Knicks have to contend with LeBron James in real life when he attacks the rack, but some New Yorkers at home watching the game will also get that helpless feeling while they watch the game in 3D.

    And you thought "Avatar" was amazing. Wait til you get a load of James and the Miami Heat in ESPN's first 3D telecast at 7 p.m.

    Imagine beads of sweat popping of the screen and chalk coming at you as if it is about to descend upon your head from the heavens.

    Hopefully, firefighters are at the ready in Cleveland. Cavalier fans might attack their television sets in a feeble attempt to tackle 3D LeBron or set his jersey ablaze.

    ESPN is bringing the action so close and personal to viewers that Dwyane Wade's crotch will be right in your face as if you were the Knick player being dunked on. Try not to cower in fear.

    HD TV at its finest.

    Now the only problem is finding one of the 14 people around the nation who actually owns a 3D television and has a pair of glasses to spare.

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