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Birthday Cake Fiasco at LeBron James' New Year's Bash

1 birthday party + 2 cakes = 3 businesses in a dispute



    1 birthday party + 2 cakes = 3 businesses in a dispute. (Published Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2012)

    On New Year's Eve, Shelborne South Beach hosted a birthday party fit for a king.

    Like years past, LeBron James' five-tiered cake was ordered from Divine Delicacies by his assistant. In fact, most of the Miami Heat players use the Miami bakery for their desserts, but this year, James was actually given two cakes.

    "I had no idea about this – that there was actually another cake," Divine Delicacies owner Laura Candeau said.

    The other cake came from Passion for Pastry in Boca Raton. Alethea Hickman said the hotel holding the New Year's Eve birthday bash contacted her to make it.

    Shelborne South Beach and Hickman agree the deal was for the bakery to provide a birthday cake, free of charge, in exchange for media publicity ... but Hickman's publicity never came. The hotel never even brought her cake out. Instead, they used the one James' assistant ordered.

    "My stuff is not trash and that's the way I felt," Hickman said.

    In a statement, a Shelborne South Beach representative said, "A second cake was delivered by another bakery and was the one that was brought out to the dinner party. We had the best intentions for Passion for Pastry when reaching out to Alethea and in order to preserve their brand, wanted to refrain from putting a spotlight on a cake that may not have best represented their work."

    Hickman responded by telling NBC Miami, "If it was me, I would have found some way to present both of the cakes. You asked for me to do the cake. I didn't come to you."

    The Shelborne couldn't tell NBC Miami what happened to the cake, but said, "We have been in communications with (Hickman) to offer suitable compensation for what was provided."

    Hickman said the offer is 10 percent of what she said is a $5,000 cake, not to mention the time put into baking and decorating it.

    "I fulfilled my obligation. You didn't fulfill yours," Hickman said, referring to the hotel.

    Topping it all off: LeBron James never even knew he had two birthday cakes at his party.