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LeBron and Riley Show Off Lame Dance Moves

The Heat lead the NBA in left feet



    LeBron and Riley Show Off Lame Dance Moves
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    Pat Riley and LeBron James

    Heat haters were awarded new ammunition after a pair of videos surfaced on the Internet this week showing the questionable dancing skills of LeBron James and team president Pat Riley.

    James, appearing on the "Ellen Show," surprised one of Ellen DeGeneres' writers at her aerobics class in Miami. Joining in on a routine, LeBron stood out for all the wrong reasons, stepping left when the rest of the class stepped right and doing the "awkward dude looking at the ceiling so he won't know what he looks like" dance.

    Meanwhile, Miami Heat blog Hot Hot Hoops posted a video from the team's Family Festival last weekend featuring a dancing cameo from Riley, who at least made an effort during a cover of Bob Marley's "Jammin'." The best Joel Anthony could muster was a bashful sway (Riley's dance starts at the 1:38 mark, he really gets into it at 2:10).

    Laugh if you want, but for a sexagenarian, he could do much worse. There's no defending LeBron, though. Aerobics classes are designed for people with no rhythm. But hey, he still dances better than Mark Madsen, and that guy won two championships.


    David Hill is a Miami native who has destroyed any and all videos of himself dancing.