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Marlins Deal With Black Community Dead



    Marlins Deal With Black Community Dead
    The new Marlins baseball stadium will still be built - but with no guarantee that local black businesses will get a piece of the pie.

    The Marlins deal with black businesses was historic.

    Now, it's just history.

    Less than a week after announcing that black businesses would receive at least 15 percent of the business involved with building the new Marlins baseball stadium, officials on both sides agreed to call the whole thing off.

    The deal was really nixed by County Attorney Robert Cuevas, who refused to sign off on the race-based deal fearing the county might open itself up to discrimination lawsuits.

    NAACP leaders called the concern trivial, but supports the Miami's black Chamber of Commerce's decision to err on the side of caution.

    A written statement Tuesday announced the death of the deal.

    We are very disappointed in the county attorney's interpretation of the law," wrote Bill Diggs, head of the Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce.

    Despite the setback, Marlins officials probably are crying in their baseball caps. The $639 million project will probably still go forward.