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Fight Over Peanuts Breaks Out at Marlins Win

Peanuts refused to stay in their bag, inciting Marlin-on-Marlin violence.



    Fight Over Peanuts Breaks Out at Marlins Win

    A new Marlins season is in full swing now, which means three things: pitching problems, being confused with the Panthers, and a fight in the stands.

    This brawl from Saturday can't top last season's Father's Day After-School Special, in which a Yankees fan make his own tiny daughter cry "Daddy, why are you fighting," but the weekend fisticuffs (via Deadspin) do boast this: they were sparked by the tossing of legumes.

    That's right! Welcome to Miami, where we'll fight for peanuts. According to the YouTube account that uploaded the video, "a group of young drunk guys [threw] peanuts to another group of young drunk dudes. Some yelling ensues before the fists start flying."

    Daddy, why are you fighting?

    Hey, at least the stands look pretty full.

    Interestingly, the Marlins are 2-0 while making YouTube scuffle-magic. The win over the Yankees of a year ago stopped a 4-game losing streak, and Saturday's 9th-inning miracle rally helped the Fish to a 7-6 win over the Dodgers in spite of -- you guessed it! -- some serious bullpen issues.

    We know that pinball Red Grooms "public art" "feature" is already planned for the new Marlins stadium, but perhaps they should consider replacing it with an octagon and handing out tickets to folks from Perrine.

    Just trying to help.