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No Page Six in Mets Clubhouse

The Mets don't have New York newspapers in their clubhouse



    No Page Six in Mets Clubhouse
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    Finally, the real truth behind the collapse of the newspaper industry is revealed.

    Last week, Mets manager Jerry Manuel told reporters that he thought his team suffered from anxiety whenever things didn't go their way. General manager Omar Minaya followed that up by saying that the team's leaders didn't have enough of an edge to them. It might help if the team didn't baby them by shielding any bad news from their eyes.

    The Mets no longer have copies of New York newspapers available for perusal in their clubhouse, a recent change in policy. Instead, Mets players have to make do with USA Today, whose coverage of the Mets and everything else is rarely described as controversial.

    Sticks and stones may break their bones, but words, it appears, are the real enemy in Queens.

    Jay Horwitz, the Mets' PR flack, said that the paper is "the official paper of Major League Baseball," and said that the team didn't want to play favorites among the many papers around New York City.

    Just how much money did the Wilpons lose in Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme that buying six or seven newspapers a day is too much for them to bear? A team source told Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post that the team didn't want players exposed to the "bad vibes" provided by the tabloids, a reason that makes a lot more sense.

    Well, it doesn't actually make sense seeing as how these are grown men who can choose to read whatever they like, but it makes sense from the standpoint of a team that doesn't seem to have much faith in the mental toughness of its players. It's hard to reconcile that with the decision to bring back the majority of the team this season, but getting rid of the newspapers should make everything run much more smoothly.

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