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Possible New Dolphins Logo Leaks on Fan Blog

Helmetless, modern dolphin could be on Miami's helmets in 2013



    A possible new Dolphins logo has several South Floridians abuzz. NBC's Keith Jones has the story. (Published Thursday, Dec. 27, 2012)

    It has long been reported that the Miami Dolphins are considering updating their logo and uniform, which have looked very much the same (with some important leaks) since the franchise's inception in the 1960s.

    On Wednesday, sports blog Deadspin reposted a Dolphins logo concept that a fan blog claims will be the team's new helmet design. The logo, which bears a similar style to the fish on the Miami Marlins' hat logo, is more of a modern representation of a Dolphin than the current logo (which features a realistic-looking cartoon dolphin wearing a football helmet).

    The fan blog, DolfansNYC.com, showed the logo it obtained to a source at Nike (who designs and manufactures all NFL uniforms), who said it looked "very very close" to what Nike is circulating internally.

    Normally, this round of leaks could be easily dismissed as a thinly-sourced rumor, but Dolphins CEO Mike Dee commented on the leak Wednesday evening, adding credence to the leak.

    "Lots of buzz re logos," Dee tweeted. "Love the passion! We continue to explore a # of design alternatives." He added that a final decision on the new logo will be made by the start of the NFL Draft in late April.

    In November, DolfansNYC.com attended a team event in New York where Dee spoke about designing a new logo. He told attendees that the new logo would be a combination of "retro and modern," adding that he had shown a new design to Dolphins legends Dan Marino, Bob Griese, and Nat Moore. All three loved it, according to Dee.

    Still, as the Miami Marlins showed painfully in 2012, a flashy new logo and uniform design can only magnify a team's problems if it fails to perform well on the field. Regardless of the new uniforms' actual design, the Dolphins are likely to get a better reception from fans in 2013 if they can make a run for the playoffs for the first time since 2008.