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Presidential Visits Have Nothing on Perfect Games

Buehrle wins duel of left-handers



    Presidential Visits Have Nothing on Perfect Games
    The President's got nothing on a scene like that.

    The President's back in the town he calls home for a lavish fundraiser. He's also going around the country in an effort to sell a health care plan that will wind up affecting just about every person in the country. If that's not enough, he's also embroiled in a dispute about a controversial arrest in Boston. That combination is usually enough to land your mug on the front page of at least one of the newspapers, but it's not every day that Mark Buehrle throws a perfect game.

    Both the Sun-Times and the Tribune lead with Buehrle on Friday morning, with Obama's visit relegated to a small box on the Tribune. It's hard to argue with the decision. Buehrle's perfecto was only the 18th in the history of major league baseball, while the President will probably be in Chicago that many times before the end of his second year in office.

    President Obama probably doesn't even mind. He's made no secret of his love for the White Sox over the years, even angering Major League Baseball by wearing a Sox jacket to the mound at the All-Star Game. He also buzzed Buehrle after the game to offer his personal congratulations, so there's little doubt that he knew how big a deal the pitcher's accomplishment was around the city and country.

    The President may even had a rare moment of envy for another person at some point on Thursday while thinking about Buehrle's feat. If he could mow down congressional opposition to his health care proposals with the ease that Buehrle handled the Rays he'd be having a much better summer.

    Josh Alper thinks every newspaper should lead with a perfect game.