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Renyel Pinto is Running Tacky

Perhaps he's just playing Go Fish.



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    Y u so angry bro?

    What is it with baseball and the (so we hear) enticing lure of fleeing the apparently stubby arms of the law? In recent days, one blog alone has tracked down (alleged!) deadbeat dad Jose Lima for his ex-wife Melissa and Enrique Wilson for his own stiffed baby mama. Now brotastic reliever Renyel Pinto, from our very own Florida Marlins, is nowhere to be found with a warrant out for his arrest.

    It's hard to imagine he can't be spotted, what with all the shiny clothing and accessories. But after Pinto was pulled over in May by Hallandale police and found in want of a valid license, he failed to show in Broward County court June 16, according to the New Times. A warrant was issued on the spot.

    Here's the kicker: he's still out there! Considering that the Marlins have played about 45 home games since the warrant was issued, it's safe to say that Broward cops have no flare for the dramatic.

    But that's not the only trouble Pinto's facing -- or not, as it were. In September his Coral Springs-based business manager filed suit on account of never having been paid his one-and-a-half percent on Pinto's $400,000 salary, and Pinto failed to respond to that, too, in spite of being served with papers in the flesh. So in late October, Pro-Management Resources was awarded the default judgement of $6,000, though naturally our little fish had swum to parts unknown and didn't pony up. 

    So where is Pinto? His native Venezuela, perhaps? Accidentaly bundled into the time capsule buried at the new stadium? Counting to six thousand extremely slowly? Perhaps Big Penny got him in an act of revenge. Of course, knowing the DMV as we do, he's probably still in line trying to fix that valid license from five months ago.