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Riley Sends Wade Expected 12:01 -- Text?

Because a phone call would be too polite?



    Riley Sends Wade Expected 12:01 -- Text?
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    See that, Flash? It's the future, where we'll only communicate in 160-character shorthand, unless you have an iphone or Blackberry.

    As expected, Dwyane Wade's phone chirped just after midnight Sunday morning -- the very first minute the Heat were allowed to approach him with a contract extension offer per NBA rules.

    "I got my 12:01," reported the NBA's reigning scoring champion from the coffers-stuffing, kid-saving confines of his and Zo's Summer Groove.

    It was Pat Riley on the other end, naturally, looking to end the will-he-or-won't-he-stay-in-Miami speculation before next summer when Wade can opt out into free agency -- and by which time we'll all have gone mad with worry.

    No surprises there. The only eyebrow-raising factor?  It was a text message.

    Considering how eager Riley is to keep Wade, and how much he emphasized it will take a good "sell" to get a contract signed this summer, it's funny that Riley didn't make a personal call.  But then, as Wade explained, "We're in the new world today, so, yeah, it was a text."

    Riley and Wade's agent confirmed that a maximum, three-year extension offer was tossed out -- one that would keep Wade in Miami through 2013-2014. Wade wouldn't reveal details of the text message, other than to address the assumption that Riley hoped he'd stick around. 

    It was "something like that," MV3 said cryptically. 

    Oh, Flash. That's not nearly enough detail for fans hanging on to every word in the standoff. And how much can one say in 160 characters, anyway? 

    "Srry I opened ur wound lemme put $60 mill on it, make it bettr?"

    "I'm a Baron. Baron Pat von Riley. No, for real. Sign these papers, let's do business?" 

    "Sign 2day or the kitty gets it?"

    Whatever it was, it won't have any real effect.  Wade can re-sign now to make his contract worth 5 years and $93 million, or he can wait a year, opt out, and wind up getting about $135 million from the Heat over 7 years.  No matter what Wade says about his staying in Miami being up to Pat Riley, he's not likely to do anything this summer and lose millions.

    That said, he also took the time to downplay the recent mediasplosion surrounding his displeasure with the team's lack of forward motion, reiterating that he wants to stay in the 305. 

    "That part of the interview is never sexy enough to sell papers or to lead off ESPN, it's not sexy enough," he said. "So you go to the sexy part of it and say I want something else. This is where I want to be and we'll go from there."

    Via text, apparently.