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"I Can't Inject in My Booty," Said Clemens: Trainer

The hits just keep coming for the Rocket



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    Clemens won't be able to throw a bat at this book.

    On Monday, we told you about "American Icon," the Daily News' forthcoming book about Roger Clemens. On Tuesday, we got a look at what's inside, thanks to an excerpt published at SI.com. 

    There's not thing there that will shock you, although if you stripped the opening paragraph of context you could easily imagine you were reading a very different book. 

    Even to a former New York City cop, the question was jarring. "Can you help me?" Roger Clemens asked. "I can't inject in my booty."

    This is how Brian McNamee, then the Toronto Blue Jays' new strength and conditioning coordinator, remembers it all starting.

    It goes on from there, describing McNamee's recollection of the first time he injected Clemens, the way Clemens found out about McNamee's allegations and the fact that McNamee was one of the cops who discovered the body of Eric Clapton's five-year old son after the boy fell out a window in 1991. Totally unrelated to Clemens, to be sure, but it was one of the few bits of info that hadn't previously been seen elsewhere. 

    The book itself promises to be a bit more salacious. The Newsdropped mention of Clemens owning 12 apartments around the major leagues for use by his various girlfriends, which means the book won't only be about who injected what booty. Or, at least, there will be different variations on the theme.

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