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Sims-Walker Still Lobbying to Join Dolphins

Too bad it looks like Dolphins don't want him



    Sims-Walker Still Lobbying to Join Dolphins
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    Free agent wide receiver Mike Sims-Walker still wants to join close friend Brandon Marshall on the Miami Dolphins, in case you were wondering. Unfortunately for Sims-Walker, though, it looks like the Dolphins wouldn't touch him with the proverbial 10-foot pole.

    Sims-Walker told the Florida Times-Union this week he and Marshall would love to play on the same team, saying they could "compete with each other so much that we're going to bring the best out of each other every single minute. That will be the best thing for the whole team."

    This isn't the first time Sims-Walker lobbied to join the Dolphins. Back in March, Sims-Walker tweeted his intention to "pull a lebron" and join his former UCF teammate Marshall.

    Marshall quickly gave his stamp of approval, tweeting, "I'm D-Wade and [Sims-Walker] is LeBron. Make it happen."

    But judging from the Dolphins recent draft, a Marshall-Sims-Walker receiving tandem seems like a remote possibility.

    Miami selected Abilene Christian wide receiver Edmond Gates in the third round of the draft. Miami hopes Gates becomes the deep threat that could open up space for Marshall and slot receiver Davone Bess underneath opposing secondaries.

    Gates is roughly the same size as Sims-Walker (6', 197 pounds, compared to 6'2", 197 pounds for Sims-Walker, and his 4.37 40-yard dash time makes him an ideal deep threat.

    Sims-Walker, meanwhile, has never played a full season in the NFL, and missed the entire 2007 season due to a knee injury.

    And whether he deserves it or not, Sims-Walker has the reputation of a being bit of a diva. In 2010 he complained he was not being targeted on enough passes, even as the Jags were on their way to an 11-5 record.

    Dolphins coach Tony Sparano and GM Jeff Ireland are both wary of adding a potential head-case to the team, and Sims-Walker has too many red flags to take him seriously as an acquisition target.

    As much as he'd like to suit up in aqua and orange in 2011, all signs point to the Dolphins passing on the Sims-Walker, and spending their free-agent dollars elsewhere.