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The Big Payback: Mallett Vows Revenge on Phins

Ryan Mallett says he will get back at the Dolphins for not drafting him



    The Big Payback: Mallett Vows Revenge on Phins
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    Ryan Mallett wants a piece of the Dolphins.

    Beware the wrath of Ryan.

    No, not the big loud mouth in New York.

    The other Ryan. The one that hasn't played an NFL down, missed a meeting with an NFL team because of heavy partying the night before and slipped to the third round of the NFL draft.

    Yes, Ryan Mallett.

    The Arkansas Razorback quarterback has vowed revenge on the Dolphins because Miami passed on him twice and took a center and a running back, his dad, Jim told the Boston Herald.

    Never mind the 30 other teams that didn't think Mallett was a good fit for them at quarterback. Mallett has singled out the Dolphins because they apparently told them they would trade up to get him, or at least that's the impression Mallett got.

    Instead, the Dolphins traded away three picks and  took Kansas State running back David Thomas, leaving Mallett to toil until the New England Patriots took him in the third round.

    "They took another guy,” Jim Mallett told the Boston Herald. “Ryan said, ‘Payback.’ He remembers it all."

    As far as one-word threats go, payback would be pretty intimidating if it weren't coming from someone holding a not-so-scary title: back up.

    With Tom Brady likely under center for the next decade (maybe century with advances in modern medicine) in New England, Mallett's only chance at getting back at the Dolphins might be if he trips a gunner on a punt or tosses a clipboard at a Miami player during team warm ups.