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Mets Face-Off With Furries

Make-up game makes for strange bedfellows



    Mets Face-Off With Furries
    Kevin Burkhardt
    SNY announcer Kevin Burkhardt couldn't sleep, so he decided to confront his fears.

    If there's one thing the Mets could use right now, even after Mike Pelfrey's brilliant performance on Wednesday, it is a day off. They were supposed to have one on Thursday, but they were forced to make a brief stop in Pittsburgh to play a make-up game before heading across Pennsylvania for a massive series with the Phillies. Unfortunately they picked the wrong night to be stuck in Steel City.

    When the Mets rolled up to their hotel on Wednesday night they found that they were sharing the premises with Anthrocon 2009, the world's largest convention for those fascinated with anthropomorphics. In laymen's terms, they were met by a group of people who dress up and act like animals. You may better know such people as furries, although it's quite alright if you have no familiarity with such a group at all.

    SNY announcer Kevin Burkhardt tweeted that he was so freaked out by the scene that he couldn't fall asleep. He also sent along a picture that will surely make you empathize with the Mets' plight.

    Burkhardt may not have been the only one so disturbed that sleep became a problem, which may make for a sluggish group of Mets. Hopefully that's because of garden-variety nightmares, but you never know just what turns a major league baseball player on so there may have been a match or two made at the hotel bar.

    What fate can possibly befall the Mets next? 

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