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Get to Know a Unit: Tight Ends

One of these things is not like the other (hint: he's got actual experience)



    Get to Know a Unit: Tight Ends
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    Clockwise from upper left: Joey Haynos, Davon Drew, John Nalbone, and Anthony Fasano

    The Dolphins pulled at least one surprise over the weekend when they put janky-kneed veteran tight end David Martin on the injured reserve, kept three others, and added a fourth from waivers.

    Considering how fond the Fins are of two-TE sets, and how little magic depth chart barnacles Joey Haynos and John Nalbone showed this summer, the roster may yet be tampered with. Martin could return after having his knee scoped, or be claimed by another team; newcomer Davon Drew could beat out Haynos or find himself on the practice squad with Nalbone if the Fins try to slip them through waivers; or all four could see opening day.

    Of course, now that nearly half the league has suddenly started keeping at least three tight ends, they all just might. In that case, it's time to get to know a unit. How to distinguish one giant slab of a helmeted man from another:

    Anthony Fasano | 2006, 2nd round, Cowboys | Notre Dame
    Vitals: 6'4", 265, non-human (ogre)
    Destination: starter
    Guess the false fact: Recorded career-high totals of 34 catches for 454 yards and a team-high 7 touchdown receptions in 2008; tied for the highest single-season total of TD catches by a tight end in Dolphins history; once burped up entire meatball

    Joey Haynos | 2008, undrafted | Maryland
    Vitals: 6'8", 270
    Destination: David Martin's shoes
    Guess the false fact: caught 2 passes for 22 yards and one TD last season; originally claimed of Green Bay's practice squad; likes khakis with little embroidered crabs on them and when people send thank-you notes, because that's really polite

    Davon Drew | 2009, 5th round, Ravens | East Carolina
    Vitals: 6'4", 256
    Destination: a better seat on the bench than John Nalbone
    Guess the false fact: 78 receptions for 1,078 yards and 8 TDs in his college career; is an actual pirate in his spare time; snatched from Baltimore on waivers when they tried to stash him on the practice squad

    John Nalbone | 2009, 5th round | Monmouth
    Vitals: 6'4", 255, Jerseyite
    Destination: bench, one-half of two-man wedge on kickoff returns
    Guess the false fact: wishes his half of wedge were cheesecake; shares Garden State roots with Bill Parcells; last name translates to "No Bone"

    Not pictured: injured reservist David Martin, who had 31 catches for 450 yards and three touchdowns last season for Miami. We just don't want to get close to him again, only to have him snatched away. But we hear he likes long, limpy walks on the beach.