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Wade Takes the Bronze in MVP Voting

D-Wade's remarkable season is overshadowed by the christening of the King James era



    Wade Takes the Bronze in MVP Voting
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    Since the offseason is here, Dwyane Wade should be on the hunt for a good publicist. We hope Flavor Flav is available.

    LeBron James won the NBA’s M.V.P. award on Monday, supplanting the league’s former most hyped player Kobe Bryant in historic fashion.

    And where does that leave Dwyane Wade?

    Unfortunately on the sidelines after having the greatest season in Heat history and likely a rightful claim to the MVP trophy. Wade had better get used to the view.

    It’s been six years in the making but the “King” has finally taken the throne David Stern and the NBA had pre-ordained for him when LeBron bolted high school and Cleveland magically “won” the first pick in the 2003 draft to take the hometown kid.
    Outside of dropping 50 a night like Wilt Chamberlain, Wade likely will be a consistent bridesmaid in the LeBron Era of the NBA. It’s a pity, but there may be a solution.
    Wade needs to hire Flavor Flav as a hype man.
    Having Charles Barkley as a Fave Five friend just doesn’t cut it in the publicity-driven circus that is NBA super stardom. I mean, LeBron hangs with Jay-Z.
    And is there really a comparison between Converse (who makes Wade’s shoe) versus Nike (the company that inked LeBron when he was in pull-ups). Just go to your local blacktop to see how that battle is faring.
    Somehow, Wade lifted the league’s doormat on his 6’3 (that’s generous) frame and carried it into the playoffs yet finished third to the King and the Mamba.
    Taking nothing away from James and Bryant, whose teams respectively finished with the best records in their conferences, but each had significant help. You could argue the Lakers and the Cavaliers could make the playoffs without their resident superstars.
    You can’t say that about Miami.
    No player had to do more with less around him than Wade. There is no All-Star co-pilot in South Beach. Wade flew solo for 82 games and still led the league in scoring.
    But the numbers don’t tell why Wade finished so distant in the MVP race.
    He doesn’t lack the physical tools, basketball skills or winning mentality of LeBron or Kobe. He lacks the hype.
    But when 121 voters tell you Wade is the third most valuable player in the NBA, don’t believe the hype.