Fit For a King? LeBron’s Rumored New Gables Abode

LeBron James is on the verge of purchasing a $50 million home in Coral Gables, Life & Style Magazine reports. Here's what awaits the King if the deal goes through.

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Oh, it's a castle alright. Life & Style says LeBron James has all but signed the contract for this 20,862-square foot home in the gated Gables Estates. It was put on the market for $50 million by exotic car dealer Alan Potamkin.
Vito Di Stefano
The the eight-bedroom, 11-bathroom estate on Casuarina Concourse was put on the market in April of 2009 and pulled "within hours" of LeBron's decision to join the Heat. The King can dock a yacht up to 150 feet at his (rumored) new home.
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Bonus: amazing views of downtown Miami. The house was once owned by Heat honcho Pat Riley. We'd question his judgment in selling, but we never, ever question Pat Riley's judgment.
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There's also a Cribs-ready koi pond in the entry, in case 880 feet of Biscayne Bay waterfront isn't enough H20.
Among the home's eight bedrooms are three full suites. Aw, his poor entourage is going to have to get bunk beds!
At roughly 15,000 square feet smaller than his Ohio estate, technically LeBron would be downsizing by buying the most expensive home in Coral Gables. But there's still plenty of room to work out in this gym attached to the upstairs master suite.
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The dining area. Life & Style says LeBron has already toured the house and started paperwork.
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This is where LBJ's cook's cook can cook. With a six-year deal worth $110 million and heaps more in endorsement deals, the house is well within LeBron's price range.
A desk fit for a King who probably won't need it.
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In Cleveland, that view would be a mural. And people were shocked he left?
One of the home's living areas. There's also a billiards room, a media room, and, we hope, something that can be converted for trophy storage.
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Ah. Of course. Here's suggesting he go ahead and clear those shelves.
And these, too. He did predict seven NBA titles at the Heat's Welcome Party.
And if LeBron has visitors? There's a full guest house, just off the tennis and basketball court. Naturally.
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