Say Hello to This Ridiculous Heat Shirt

The Nike version would no doubt come with a Michelle Pfeiffer accessory

In the 'total cliche' department of NBA t-shirts, perhaps the only thing that could top Dwight Howard's Ed Hardy design would be Miami's Big Three in a city-appropriate homage to Scarface.

How nice of Adidas to oblige?

"Say hello to my little friends," their spankin' new shirt reads of the decidedly large LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh, complete with photoshopping worthy of the film poster seen 'round the world of college dorm rooms.

If you ask us, that line would make more sense featuring the diminutive Carlos Arroyo, Mario Chalmers, and Eddie House, but we're not sure anyone would spend $20 on that.

To be honest, it's just surprising it took anyone this long to make a LeBron-themed Scarface shirt -- after all, isn't he supposedly destroying his own self-built empire by taking his talents to the Miami made famous in Brian De Palma's drug-fueled epic? 

We don't think so, but then, we're reaping the benefits as we clear off our ring fingers in anticipation. But perhaps the best part is this: all we need now are cargo pants full Champagne, and every single one of us can be a walking, talking Cribs episode.

It's everything we never knew we never wanted.

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