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Champions League Redraw: PSG-Real Madrid, Atletico-Man United Highlight Round of 16

UEFA had to do a redraw following a "clerical error" in Monday's initial draw

A “clerical error” from UEFA prompted a Champions League redraw on Monday for the Round of 16.

UEFA admitted that Manchester United had been incorrectly left out as a potential opponent for Atletico Madrid in its original draw earlier in the day. Now, the two clubs will be pinned against one another.

Atletico-Man United is not the only premier matchup on the docket for the Round of 16. Lionel Messi’s Paris Saint-Germain will battle his old rival, Real Madrid, reigning UCL champs Chelsea will face Lille and Inter Milan will face Liverpool.

Here is the full, official redraw:

Atletico Madrid vs. Manchester United

Paris Saint-Germain vs. Real Madrid

Chelsea vs. Lille

Inter Milan vs. Liverpool

Villarreal vs. Juventus

Benfica vs. Ajax

Sporting CP vs. Manchester City

FC Salzberg vs. Bayern Munich

By comparison, here is the initial draw for the Round of 16, which would have pinned Messi’s PSG against Cristiano Ronaldo’s Manchester United and Atletico Madrid against Bayern Munich:

Paris Saint-Germain vs. Manchester United

Atletico Madrid vs. Bayern Munich

Chelsea vs. Lille

Inter Milan vs. Ajax

Villarreal vs. Manchester City

Benfica vs. Real Madrid

Sporting CP vs. Juventus

FC Salzberg vs. Liverpool

The second stage of the Champions League features two legs, one home and one away for each team in a given matchup. The first leg will take place in February before the second leg takes place in March. No match times have been set yet.

The draw for the Champions League quarterfinals will be done on March 18.

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