College Football World is All A-Twitter

Sports and idiocy collide as coaches, conferences, and more are using 140-character blasts to give behind-the-scenes scoop to football fans -- or just tell us how "sooooooo legit" a local Mexican restaurant is.

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<a href="" target="_blank">Pete Carroll's Twitter</a> is so <strike>ridiculous</strike> popular <a href="">MSN's interviewed him on camera</a> about it. In addition to news of USC Football, followers get quizzed about beats on YouTube, updated on Carroll's campaign to sign actor Will Ferrell up on Twitter, and - as we write this - live updates from a Springsteen show. As Carroll would say, "win forever!"
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Joe Paterno wasn't really injured when he spent a couple games coaching from the press box. Nope. He was just addicted to his quarterback coach's Twitter feed -- a Twitter feed only a father could love. Son <a href="" target="_blank">Jay Paterno</a> sends out gems like "I read article about Michelangelo," and lets everyone know what music Penn State staff is listening to while they break down film.
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<a href="" target="_blank">Kevin Grant</a> is as intent on playing in the NFL as he was chasing down Ohio State when he served Akron as a linebacker, so he's leaving updates on his draft progress on his Twitter feed. (Nothing attracts NFL Scouts like social media!) Except his Pro Day results - "My agent will post #s later," he tweeted. Well, at least he teaches us how they earn that 10%!
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Even Middle Tennessee State football is in on the action. Coach <a href="" target="_blank">Rick Stockstill</a> sends out practice summaries such as, "We have to get more consistent blocking on the perimeter- not good enough there yet." One day, coach. (But probably not at Middle Tennessee State.)
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"I'm limited to HOW MANY characters? But...I have so many feelings to express!" Georgia coach <a href="" target="_blank">Mark Richt</a> has used his Twitter not just for football, but to encourage fans to participate in a canned food drive. Someone should reply and let him know canned food is gross.
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Bill Stewart is pretty cool for an old guy (peep the backwards hat), but he says he's way too aged to do <a href="" target="_blank">his own Twitter</a>. He tells a colleague what he wants to say, and the colleague types it out for him. However we can get it, we'll gladly take updates like "I threw kickers out of the meeting yesterday. Do you think their mothers will read this? I threw every one out. Every one of them. Gone."
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<a href="" target="_blank">Geoff Collins</a>, UCF's linebackers coach and recruiting coordinator, isn't famous enough to have photos of himself readily available. But he is Twitter Famous enough to have students make his favorite motivational tweet, "Get yo chili hot," into t-shirts. (We remain unmotivated.) And now look at this woman -- we suspect someone's putting a little something extra into that chili over at UCF.
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The glory of Twitter is that you don't even have to be a human to have one. The <a href="" target="_blank">Fiesta Bowl twits away</a> in anticipation of its 2010 kickoff. (There is no way this isn't a college intern locked in an office supply room. No way. Shoulda thought about who was gonna run this thing when you went back to school, kid.)
New Washington coach <a href="" target="_blank">Steve Sarkisian</a> doesn't just Twit - he TwitPics. "Compliance out at practice. Making sure we always doing things right," he said in the tweet accompanying this photo. Let's just hope these two NCAA agents weren't undercover. After what happened with <a href="" target="_blank">Rick Neuheisel</a>, we're surprised the NCAA doesn't just permanently install them in Husky Stadium.
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Head Coach <a href="" target="_blank">Tim Brewster</a> doesn't look pleased about his Minnesota Golden Gophers' loss to Northwestern last season. Must be why he issues this in March: "Let me know if you want to come be a Gopher! We are looking for playmakers!" Later his Twitter took a nose dive when he informed us that his "Chili is Hot!!!" Oh, Coach.
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Randy Shannon does not Twitter, and at moments like the one above, we're really glad. But you can follow his exploits at the <a href="" target="_blank">University of Miami student paper's Twitter feed</a>, or get audio from his media teleconferences from <a href="" target="_blank">The ACC</a>'s ("The Conference That Twitters") timely updates. That would have been <i>really</i> fun during UM's 5-7 campaign of 2007.
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While no known images of him smiling exist, we've gotta hand it to <a href="" target="_blank">Duke's David Cutcliffe</a> - he is truly enthusiastic about some pretty terrible football: "We need a huge crowd! It's alumni weekend and if we get our students here it will a record setter! HEADLINES RECORD CROWD AT DUKE SPRING GAME!" Perhaps he forgot where he was.
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Wondering what's going on with that ages-old investigation into Reggie Bush's tenure at USC? Perhaps you should follow the <a href="" target="_blank">Pac-10 Compliance Office</a>'s Twitter feed. Yup. It's spread that far. (Of course, the Pac-10'll probably give them enough fodder to last a while.)
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LSU players likely wish head <a href="" target="_blank">Coach Les Miles</a> would use only 140 characters to scold them. Miles thinks twitter is "hilarious" and has vowed to send updates before, during, and after games. Through his assistants, of course.
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Souther Miss coach <a href="" target="_blank">Larry Fedora</a> gives two thumbs up to writing his own twitter feed. Ruggedly handsome and willing to do his own twitting? We give two thumbs up to you, sir.
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