Dolphins Become Death of Autotune

T-Pain and Pitbull bring hip hop to the Dolphins fight song and kill an all-time classic

Miami Dolphins! Miami Dolphins! Miami Dolphins check 1, check 2!

Dolphins fans get ready for a little fight song remix. The team's hip-to-be-square owner Stephen Ross has enlisted the help of T-Pain and Pitbull to do a new version of the old Fins fight song that used to echo through the Orange Bowl in the 1970s.

Original Dolphins Fight Song

Well the new echo to be heard through Land Shark Stadium will come from T-Pain's Autotune voice that seems to be on every hip hop song in rotation right now, despite Jay-Z's best efforts to kill it. Rapper Pitbull, fresh off beating a DUI charge, will also be on the track.

The new song is supposed to debut tonight at the Versace mansion. But we're still trying to figure out what was wrong with the old-school version. You'd think Ross would have an appreciation for the classics and the Lee Ofman's 1972 rendition was truly classic.  

While we are happy to see that Ross has updated his iPod rotation to include some more contemporary artists, we are puzzled as to why he is alienating the Fins core fans. You know, the one's that actually buy season tickets.

The problem with Dolphins games, and sports in general today, is they lack the tradition and nostalgia of yesteryear. Fight songs and the "12th man" have given way to luxury boxes high above the commoners and $40 mojitos.

At University of Miami games instead of the school band rocking the stands, the DJ plays Soulja Boy "Crank Dat" after touchdowns.

It appears Ross is trying to change the Dolphins games into anti-AA meetings. First Margaritaville and naming the stadium after a beer. Now, enlisting the help of a DUI suspect and a singer/rapper whose most popular songs are entitled "Buy U a Drank," "Tipsy" and "Bartender."

And what will happen with part owner Jimmy Buffett's version of the Dolphins fight song? And what about the Estefans? We are pretty sure they are in the studio dropping a Latin-flavor version as we speak.

They all will have their place in rotation at the games, said Elliott Stares, a spokesman for Dolphin Stadium.

"The new fight theme songs by Jimmy Buffett and T-Pain feat. Pitbull will be introduced for '09/10 season,'' Stares said in an e-mail. "The original fight song will never be obsolete and will remain on the musical agenda.''

So T-Pain will murder an all-time classic tonight amid celebrities and fireworks and Dolphins games from this day forth will never be the same. And through it all, Ross refuses to give Dolfan's a moment of silence.

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