Dolphins Great Dan Marino Looking for Work After Leaving NFL Today

Former Dolphins QB Dan Marino is unemployed after CBS Sports dropped him from NFL Today

Dan Marino lost his gig on NFL Today at CBS on Tuesday but the Miami Dolphins legend should have options for the future.

Marino had been with NFL Today since 2002 but his contract came to an end after this past season. Rather than work out a new arrangement with the Hall of Famer, CBS opted to go in another direction and cut ties. The network is not bringing Shannon Sharpe back next year either. Tony Gonzalez will take one of the slots with CBS likely hiring another name at some point as well.

The question for Marino is now, where does he go from here? A quick thought could be that Marino goes the John Elway route. Elway has served as Executive Vice President of Football Operations for the Denver Broncos since 2011, according to his bio on

However as the Miami Herald points out, that's already something that was attempted in the past. In 2004, Marino took on the role of Senior Vice President of Football Operations with the Dolphins and quit the job a few weeks later.

Thus far, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has remained mum on whether there would be interest in approaching Marino for any type of role for the team. It is also unknown if Marino would be interested in a reunion in Miami. That could change at any time especially if Marino finds a lack of choices available to him in the broadcasting side of sports. 

As far as staying on camera, Marino could potentially be an option at NFL Network. Former NFL player Darren Sharper is currently suspended from his job as an analyst on the network per a report from NBC Sports. That suspension stems from alleged rapes and it is unlikely Sharper will appear on the network while the legal process takes its course.  

The network will likely need to replace Sharper at least in the interim if he's not available prior to next season. Though there has been no report of interest on either side -- with Marino's long track record on camera, he could be one of the names considered.

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