MV3 Cribs: Inside Wade’s New Chicago Home

Just gawk at MV3's new THM in the Windy City's River North neighborhood.

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Don't think about those pesky Chicago Bulls rumors that crop up all the time. Nope. Dwyane Wade bought a swingin' townhome in his native Windy City over the summer, presumably to be closer to the kids he shares with ex-wife Siohvaughn. Let's take a look inside, shall we?
NBC 5 News
Wade bought his one of these 4-story riverfront units for $274,000 less than it's $1.69 million asking price. Now he has a nicer place to run stairs! His home is part of a redevelopment of formerly industrial parcels on the Chicago River called Kinzie Park.
Noah Bullard, NBC 5 News
The home, built in 2000, sat vacant for a year until furnished with what appears to be a complete Rooms to Go paint-by-numbers kit -- a trick that clearly worked on D-Wade. Behold the first of many living spaces!
At 3,900 square feet, there's enough lounging space to accomodate even the largest and possibly falsest of weed-fueled NBA orgies.
Hmmm...we must conclude from the purchase of a home with shelves that Wade plans to fill them with at least 5 NBA Championship trophies inscribed with the words "Miami Heat." Yeah...we'll go with that.
Splish, splash, Wade will be taking a bath -- in a room roughly the size of Delaware.
The home boasts approximately 437 living spaces. Here's another.
Wade's crib features 4 gigantic bedrooms -- enough space to fit him, his children, and the constant requests for a contract extension from Pat Riley.
Perhaps Wade will take Shaq up on his giant bed challenge and replace this one, pathetically sized for normal humans.
Nothing says "you've made it!" like a rooftop deck with city views. Unless it's a pillow cross-stitched with the words "you've made it!"
Another living room! Seriously, who fed the first one after midnight?!?!
According to the real estate listing, the slate floor indicates this one is the "family room." What a relief.
We spoke too soon. Like their new owner, the living rooms can't be stopped.
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We're sure Wade will spend hours slaving over those appliances.
Noah Forman
Hey, what's that icky white stuff? Hopefully, returning to his Chi Town home in winter will remind Wade just how loveable Miami is.
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