Brittney Griner, Dunking High-Schooler, Can't Attend All-American Game

Sometimes you can watch so much basketball you forget how hard it really is to dunk. Guys like LeBron James and Dwight Howard make highlight reels for dunking on a daily basis, and any college basketball player worth his weight in Nikes can throw it down when given the chance.

That is where Brittney Griner comes in. See, we've never had a female basketball player that made dunking look easy. Lisa Leslie and Candace Parker have both flushed it before, but it looked more like they were trying to avoid ripping their arm out of socket than to dunk. Griner is 6-foot-8 and can dunk on the run, in traffic and even, as the video after the jump will show, in a girl's grill.

Griner is heading to Baylor next season with the expectations of the world on her shoulders. That will probably be the first time you see Griner, though, because though she's a McDonald All-American this season, her high school won't let her miss class. To go to an All-American game. Yes, shaking your head at this point is acceptable.

Reliable sources have informed Full Court that the Griner family has attributed her decision to forgo the game to the Nimitz High School administration's refusal to grant Griner the time away from school to play in the game.

This is the second incident this high school season where Griner, whom many have dubbed "the future of the game," will not appear to play at a scheduled game as the result of her school administration.

FanHouse reached out to Nimitz High School but have yet to get a call back. For now it seems that Griner is out of the biggest high school basketball spectacle of the year, and that is really a travesty. Look at these videos (with one we posted a year ago) and you will see the incredible talent. Hopefully she'll get the opportunity to showcase it before heading to Waco, Texas.

h/t Deadspin

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