Denny's Free Grand Slam: Super Bowl Ad Positions Them for Hunger Swarm

If you've got a craving for a Denny's Grand Slam, your stomach is about to strike gold. In what may have been the most effective commercial of the 2009 Super Bowl, Denny's had a short and sweet spot that included mobsters having pancakes. While one of the mobsters is trying to speak, a waitress keeps interrupting him with more whipped cream on his Mr. Breakfast. At the end of the ad? Surprise! Free Grand Slams on Tuesday!

Grade: A+

Why? All I've eaten on Super Bowl Sunday to this point is a few slices of Domino's pepperoni pizza, so anything from Denny's looks like a huge upgrade at this point. I just wish there was a Denny's in my area.

Then again, if there were a bunch of Denny's restaurants in New York City, they'd be just asking for serious overcrowding trouble on Tuesday.

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