Doing Lines: Wade Means Business

Every night there are some stupendous, silly, stupid, or downright outlandish individual lines from around the "lig." Doing Lines lets you know which one tops the list.

Brett showed you what Dwyane Wade pulled to end Miami's double overtime thriller against the Bulls. But Flash did a bunch to get to that point, as well. Wade racked up 48 points, 12 assists, six rebounds, four steals and three blocks.

Since at least 1986-87, no player has gone for 48 points, 12 assists and three blocks. Only one man -- Michael Jordan -- has had 40 points with 12 assists and three blocks. Heck, only two players since 1986-87 have done the 48 points/12 assists bit: Larry Joe Bird and Stephon Marbury. (!) Wade is unbelievable.

Jumpers Like Layups: Overshadowed by Trevor Ariza's airborne destruction of Rudy Fernandez, the Blazers really smacked the Lakers in the mouth. (I'm telling you, a second-round series ...) Travis Outlaw really helped Portland pull away early, with a marvelous 22 points in 24 minutes of work. Completely efficient, under control.

WHAT: I don't know what to make of the New Orleans-Atlanta box score. Preoccupied with Chicago-Miami and Detroit-Orlando, I let the Hornets and Hawks sort of slip by. Later in the evening, a glance at the box score revealed several disconcerting lines:

* Julian Wright started again. Wright never lasts this long on Byron Scott's good side.

* David West had 15 more rebounds than Tyson Chandler (20 to five).

* Chris Paul had nearly as many turnovers (six) as the entire Atlanta team (eight).

Atlanta wins. We all win. No one wins.

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