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Burning Down the 'House is FanHouse's audio podcast. Watch out. You might just get what you're after.

BDTH returns early in the week to chat it up with Dan Levy, proprietor of and the aptly named and very awesomely done podcast On the DL. Dan joins Will Brinson and Ryan Wilson to talk about all things Philly, including Brian Dawkins leaving, Donovan McNabb being a "phony," Terrell Owens (he still kind of counts, no?), and Ron Jaworski's preparedness. Additionally, Dan, Will and Ryan touch on Arlen Specter, how politics and sports mix, and how Dan plans to use On the DL to eventually rule the world. Kidding.

Hit the jump to download the various MP3 segments or listen to the whole thing in our embedded player.

MP3 Downloads:
Full Show: Click to listen or right click to download.

Segment 1: Dan talks about how On the DL podcast first started -- Click to listen.

Segment 2: The conversation turns to Dan's relationship with Tony Kornheiser, the dangers of criticizing guests you have on the show, and what he might say to Colin Cowherd were he ever to be a guest on On the DL. Click to listen.

Segment 3: Will asks Dan for his thoughts on if radio will ever evolve beyond appealing to the lowest common denominator. Ryan somehow manages to slip in "30 Rock" and "Arrested Develompent" references and then compares it to Ron Jaworski on ESPN's NFL Matchup show. Click to listen.

Segment 4: Dan discusses talking politics on his podcast, the intersection between politics and sports, Pennsylvania senator Arlen Specter, and governor Ed Rendell. Click to listen.

Segment 5: Will wonders Donovan McNabb was the beneficiary of the Phillies finally bringing a world championship to Philadelphia. The answer, as it turns out, is no. Dan talks about McNabb, and Ryan asks Dan to compare McNabb to A-Rod on the "who's the phoniest" scale before calling Deion Sanders a "preordained" minister (guh). Click to listen.

Segment 6: Dan discloses that he grew up a Broncos fan and what happened when he tried to switch his allegiance to the Eagles, and he also shared his thoughts on the newest Bronco, Brian Dawkins. Click to listen.

Segment 7: Because everybody's doing it, Will asks Dan about his thoughts on former Eagles wide receiver Terrell Owens signing with the Buffalo Bills. Click to listen.

Segment 8: Dan talks about other podcasts he enjoys, how they influence what he does with On the DL, and the future of podcasts in general. Click to listen.

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