Hanley Ramirez Doesn't Like Haircuts

You've heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve? Hanley Ramirez wears his across his chest. He showed up for work on Thursday with a message scrawled across his chest in Sharpie. The message?

"I'm sick of this s---."

What touched off this bit of protest from the shortstop? It seems that the Marlins instituted a dress and hair code for their players, which sparked an angry reaction from Ramirez. He had to lose his dreadlocks and the necklaces he wore around his neck during his first three seasons with the team, decisions that angered him so much that he asked to be traded.

Don't get too distraught, Marlins fans. According to the Sun-Sentinel, Ramirez rescinded the demand later in the day. He's clearly feels that the team's making a mistake by putting the rules in place, though.

"It's incredible," he said an hour later in the dugout, still angry. "We're big-leaguers."

Some would argue that part of being a big leaguer is being professional, and being professional means that you follow the rules set forth by your employer. Those people would be right, but that doesn't mean that the Marlins aren't setting down stupid rules.

It's hard to understand what the purpose is of the Marlins' choice to institute a dress code. Do they think people are choosing not to go to Marlins games because Ramirez is wearing necklaces while he's playing? It seems more likely that they aren't going because the team is constantly scraping the bottom of the barrel to round out teams that are studded with excellent young players.

Dreadlocks and necklaces didn't stop Manny Ramirez from leading the Red Sox to a pair of World Series titles, after all, nor did having long hair stop Randy Johnson from winning four straight Cy Young Awards. The Marlins have bigger issues to deal with than how their players are wearing their hair.

(H/T NBCMiami.com)

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