Jose Canseco Offered David Wells HGH in 2001

"That stuff is not good for the game and it is not good for your body"

Here's a shocker: David Wells probably didn't take steroids during his 21-year playing career. Boomer told the New York Daily News on Sunday that while Jose Canseco offered him HGH in 2001, he declined performance enhancers both then and at other other available venues during his career. Jose Canseco offering David Wells' steroids sounds more like a bad SNL skit than something that actually happened in real life.

Maybe my favorite part of this story is the money quote that Wells, who was (if you don't recall for some reason) rather fond of food and beer during his playing days, gave to the Daily News when discussing Canseco's offer, "That stuff is not good for the game and it is not good for your body." Yep. David Wells was all about what's good for the body.

Of course, like most ex-players, Wells takes someone mentioning steroids within a 12-mile radius of him as an opportunity to pontificate about how everyone that took any sort of performance enhancers is a cheating dirtbag (OK, that's me paraphrasing) and blah blah blah Pete Rose, blah blah blah Shoeless Joe Jackson, blah blah blah, are we done yet?

Boomer used to claim that he pitched his perfect game while "half drunk," but somehow he's qualified to pass judgment on Alex Rodriguez because he declined Jose Canseco's offer of HGH? And he does it in the best way possible, too, using the classy, "I'm going to pretend I don't want to say something bad about this guy but then when I say, 'but,' I'm just going to slam him," trick.

Somehow, the infuriating discussion on the Steroid Era has led to David Wells telling people what is and isn't good for your body. What is the world coming to?

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