Julio Preciado's Rendition of Mexican National Anthem Infuriates Fans

The musician Julio Preciado was invited to sing the Mexican national anthem before the Mexican team played the Puerto Rican team in the Caribbean World Series on Monday. It did not go well.

Preciado thought he was going to have background music, and when the music didn't play he was incapable of singing on key a capella. He was also incapable of knowing when the crowd had had enough, and he kept going long after boos, whistles, and shouts for him to stop. Finally, his microphone was shut off.

Here's how the Imperial Valley Press described it:

The Mexico-Puerto Rico game was moved back an hour from its original scheduled time of 6 p.m. for the opening ceremonies that started with the presentation of each team, including national anthems.

Singing Mexico's national anthem was Julio Preciado, a well-known singer in the country, but after his performance he might as well move to a different country.

Preciado sang the national anthem out of synchronization, which the crowd replied with boos and whistling. It was so bad the microphone was turned off before he could finish the song.

After the microphone was turned back on, Preciado blamed his bad performance on an awful feedback from the sound system. No matter what the reason, Preciado left the field amid boos and cups of beverages thrown at him.

Preciado will now be known as Mexico's Roseanne Barr.

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