Texans O-lineman Needs Your Help for His ‘Full Figured Fella' Revolution

Scott Jackson is a backup offensive lineman who runs 6'5" and 300 lbs. Certainly, those aren't unusual numbers for a NFL offensive lineman, but they are for the clothiers of the world. Jackson is sick and tired of not finding clothes that fit a man of his frame and is leading a revolution of the impressively dimensioned against the tyranny of the off the rack sorts.

So he started a blog. A hilarious one. It's called "Triple F - The King of Big and Tall." If you are here goofing off and reading this blog, you should take a few more moments goofing off and read his.

I think this is the best blog by an NFL player I've read since Redskin TE Chris Cooley's. And like Cooley's blog, Jackson's blog contains a junk picture, but not inadvertently, not his own and only to make a cogent point. You can check out my interview with Jackson talking about his mission for the massive mens here. (The Arnold is on his list of men of size, of both past and present, that he would invite for dinner).

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