Ugly Brawl at High School Hoops Game

The above video shows a disturbing fight that broke out during an Alabama high school basketball playoff game on Tuesday, resulting in the game being called off and the Montgomery Police Department detaining about a dozen juvenile suspects.

The fight started in the fourth quarter of the game between Carver-Montgomery High School and Valley High School, and although order was eventually restored, officials made the decision to end the game immediately. The Birmingham News reports that the brawl began with Valley's Enrique Florence fouling Carver's Roquez Johnson, which turned into a shoving match between the two, and eventually escalated into a melee involving players on both teams and dozens of people in the stands. It isn't clear how many people will be charged, and what charges they may be facing.

It also isn't clear is what will happen in the Alabama state playoffs. The winner of the game is supposed to play in the next round of the playoffs on Friday, but right now no official winner has been declared. Carver led 52-37 with 6:23 left in the game at the time the brawl started.

Carver principal Gary Hall vowed to take swift action against Carver players and other Carver students who were involved:

"We're going to see who, what and where." said Hall. "We'll deal with them according to our code of conduct. That (punishment) could be anywhere from suspension to expulsion. I don't play when it comes to discipline."

The Alabama High School Athletic Association says it will review the video to determine what course of action to take. The first step should be to remove the schools from the playoffs and declare that Tuesday's game ended with both teams as losers.

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