Fins Make Example of Eric Green

The Tuna Helper waits for no man

Goodbye, Eric Green. (Though we barely knew you at aaaaaall!)

The Dolphins have one less player on the bubble today after CB Eric Green was let go yesterday.  That the 4-year NFL vet wasn't good enough is unsurprising to anyone who saw him "play" on Monday night, but that the Dolphins didn't keep him around for a couple weeks until cut day, or hang on to him in case the rookies failed hard during the season, is notable. 

On that note: Don't get caught slipping, we'll move on without you.

It's almost as if coach Tony Sparano hadn't made anyone quit in a few days and he just wanted to shed some dead weight.  Fine by us -- we like our Dolphins lean and mean.

It's a refreshing change, isn't it, from previous coaching staffs?  No more wasting years on someone who isn't developing, no more time allowed for what's not there to materialize. Who cares if he's been in the league for a while, or just signed a multi-year contract in March? Who cares if it isn't cut day yet?

If he's not good enough: get rid of him. And in doing so, scare the living bejeezus out of those who remain.

It's happening not only with subtraction but by addition, as well: when kicker Dan Carpenter missed a few field goals in practice, in came Connor Barth to push or replace him.

Again: don't lag or stumble, or you'll find yourself out of time.

Green's departure -- don't feel bad, people with feelings: he's been picked up by San Francisco already -- leaves one solid player (Will Allen), two rookies (Sean Smith and Vontae Davis), and two others (Nathan Jones and Jason Allen) to hold it down at corner, with Joey Thomas and Will Billingsley on the bubble. Or really just Sean Smith and Will Allen, with the others sprinkled in; Jason Allen isn't much of a help himself. 

Better not get to know him, either.

Janie Campbell believes in the pro-set and ballpark hot dogs. Her work has appeared in irreverent sports sites around the Internet.

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