Super Bowl

Florida Teenager Petitions for NFL to Move Super Bowl From Sunday to Saturday

Doing so could be beneficial to those who have school or work on Monday

Super Bowl

Super Bowl Saturday?

Imagine being able to have a Super Bowl party where most guests didn't have school or work the following day? A Florida high school student is trying to convince Roger Goodell and the NFL to make it a reality.

Frank Ruggeri of Palm Bay, Fla. started a petition to have the Super Bowl moved from Sunday to Saturday, garnering nearly 85,000 signatures as of Friday afternoon.

Ruggeri, 18, believes having the game on Saturday would allow children to stay up later to watch, while also alleviating the economic impact caused by those who don't show up for work the Monday morning after the Super Bowl.

"It will get more money and get more visitors to the game," Ruggeri wrote on the petition, which he started two years ago. "NFL will get more television views because most government jobs have Sunday off. It will let more children enjoy their beloved game on TV or at venue. Most of the football playoff games are on Saturday anyway."

With the previous 55 Super Bowls all having been played on a Sunday, some football purists might be against breaking such a long-standing tradition. Some commenters on the petition proposed alternate solutions such as having an earlier kickoff or making the Monday after the Super Bowl a holiday.

Super Bowl Day? Vince Lombardi Day? Tom Brady Day?

Whether it's a new holiday, an earlier kickoff or a Super Bowl Saturday, the change certainly would be appreciated by those who struggle to keep their eyes open in the fourth quarter of the country's grandest sporting event.

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