Forbes: Liar Saban No. 9 Most Hated

In the karma department, he lives in Alabama now

Dislike Nick Saban for what he did to the Dolphins? Us?

No, we're forgiving down here in South Florida.  We're over it, really.  

In fact, our recurring dream of holding hands with Don Shula and skipping off into the sunset on a road lined by gutters running red with the blood of the entire Saban family only happens once a week now.

But we don't disagree at all with Forbes' awarding him a slot in the top ten most hated people in sports, sandwiched right between no. 8 Stephon Marbury and no. 10 John McEnroe. Not with "I'm not going to be the Alabama coach" still ringing in our ears.

Rounding out the top ten?  A dog murderer, man being Manny, cheater, whiner, phony, Answer, and groper. (Somewhere, noted virgin-rapist, bad driver, and Tampa Bay Buc Jerramy Stevens wonders how to get a little respect around here.)

It's gratifying, in a way, that even a financial publication recognizes what a lying sack of crap shifty Saban proved to be when he bailed on the struggling Fins for Tuscaloosa after assuring us that he was in it to win it in Miami. The nasty move capped off two miserable years and ushered in the Cam Cameron era -- along with some of the darkest days Miamians have ever known (and that includes The Margaritaville Horror, which is saying something).

Of course, in the end, the Fins got Tony Sparano and their dignity back, while karma banished Saban to Alabama, where he has near-unlimited power but nowhere good to shop.

That's a hell we'd only wish on our worst enemy. 


Janie Campbell believes Nick Saban and Voldemort are long-lost twins. It's uncanny! Her work has appeared in irreverent sports sites around the Internet.

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