Miami Heat Fans Grab Last Minute Game 7 Tickets

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Miami Heat fans lined up outside the AmericanAirlines Arena Monday morning for a chance to grab last-minute tickets to their Game 7 match-up with the Indiana Pacers.

"It's a little scary, anything [can] happen in a Game 7," said Richard Gonzalez, who was waiting in line for tickets.

Whoever wins the game Monday night will continue on to the NBA Finals. And fans from near and far want to be there to witness it.

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Some fans walked off a cruise ship and hauled their luggage to the ticket counter.

"So we got back today. We're like, 'oh man, we got a game comin' up,' so we took a chance, see if we can try to get tickets," said New Jersey native Maureen Chacon.

Ten-year-old Brandon Craig and his dad also came from out of town to see how the game will play out. The Northern Virginia native is hooked on King James.

"I started reading a book about LeBron James, and I started really liking him a lot," Craig said.

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So what has to be different about LeBron James Monday night?

"D-Wade and Chris Bosh have to help him and the whole team," Craig said.

Some hopefuls even came from across the Atlantic to get in on the action. Philipp Leifels, a faithful fan from Cologne, Germany, usually watches the games on a six hour time differential.

"They always start at 2 a.m. in Cologne, so I have to stay up at night," he said.

But for Game 7 he plans to watch the action live.

"They gotta get the rebounds," Leifels said.

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Heat fan Sascha Zborowski, also a German native, believes the Heat will win.

"It was Heat win, Pacers win, Heat win, Pacers win, so it's time for the Heat now," he said.

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