Heat Promote Playoffs, Loitering With Sit-In

"48 Hours of Intense Heat" challenge awards tickets, restraining order-free time with Miami Heat Dancers

How desperate are some Miamians for downtown parking, or contact with pretty ladies?

We'll find out on Thursday as the Heat launch "48 Hours of Intense Heat," a popular sit-in challenge, in front of American Airlines Arena.

Instead of slashing prices or parking fees for recession-affected fans, the Heat are going to make them work for it by sitting around eating hot dogs and and drinking sodas in the sun. 

The rules are simple: contestants must endure sitting in front of the arena from 5 p.m. Thursday to 5 p.m. Saturday.

Surviving the elements wins a Grand Prize of lower level season tickets, free concessions, and free parking for the 2009-2010 season - as well as lower level tickets to that night's and any other upcoming "Black Is Back" home playoff games. (Should "Black Stay Wack," that'll be a grand total of two.)

Sounds like it's not much of a prize for the person forced to sit next to a dirty, unwashed winner in bedraggled clothing. But that's not our problem, so let the games begin.

During the sit-in, fans will dine on standard concessions fare, be given plenty of bathroom breaks (see "standard concessions fare"), ample time to stretch, and umbrellas. 

They'll also compete in side contests to earn either temporary "immunity" from sitting, or additional prizes. Entertainment will be provided by mascot Burnie - a Grand Prize in itself! - and the ever-popular Miami Heat dancers.

Hunger-stricken men for whom "it's been a while," start idle your engines!

The Heat are also encouraging contestants to communicate with the "outside world" via Twitter and Facebook. We can't wait for the first frowny emoticon that accompanies "Too hot! Becoming a Blazers fan. Arena out of ketchup!!!!"

May the laziest and most desperate fan win.

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